Your Kids Will Love A Bean Pole Garden Tent. Here’s How to Make One

I am a little obsessed with beanpole garden tents after exploring this with my kids. Creating a bean pole garden tent, covering or fort in your yard can help kids get really invested into gardening and create a special and shady space for them to play.  You’re going to love these ideas for bean pole garden tents.

Bean pole garden tent shown with big colored pencils as beanpoles in a pyramid structure
What a beautiful beanpole garden tent structure!

How to Make a Bean Pole Garden Structure

We first discovered the wonder of these garden tents on a visit to our local arboretum. The tent structure covered with vines quickly became my children’s favorite spot. After all, it’s a tent made out of plants.

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It’s whimsical, cute, and fun. And bonus: these tents makes the perfect hideaway for kids of all ages. 

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DIY Bean Pole Tepee

This is one of the easiest DIY garden projects ever. Seriously.

Supplies Needed for Bean Pole Garden Structure

Get a Simple Trellis Kit at a Garden Center

What You Will Need to Make it Without a Trellis Kit

Best Plants for Climbing Bean Poles & Trellis

Next, choose what plants will grow up the tent. Pole bean seeds are a popular option. I know if we pick this option, my son will totally eat all the beans.

But if you and your kids prefer flowers, choose from among an array of annual climbing flowers too! The kids will totally get a kick out of seeing them grow up the poles. 

Instructions to Build Beanpole Garden Structure

Setup is easy peasy.

  1. First create the tent using the poles or sticks.
  2. Tie them together with the string.
  3. Add some soil around the base to stabilize the tent.
  4. Last but not least: plant those seeds around the base of the tent!

Great Gardening Project with Kids

This is a fabulous backyard lesson for kids too.

Not only can they get involved in building the tent, but they’ll also learn a ton about gardening as well as how plants grow.

Because, no, those seeds won’t grow overnight, but the garden tent will still be a magical hide out in the meantime! 

What type of beans are best suited for growing on a trellis, and do some varieties grow better on a beanpole trellis than others?

Growing beans on a trellis can be super fun and easy! Some beans like to climb more than others, so it’s good to know which ones will be the best for your trellis. The beans that really love to climb are called “pole beans.” These are great for a beanpole trellis because they can grow super tall!

Some of the best pole beans for your trellis are:

  1. Kentucky Blue
  2. Scarlet Runner
  3. Blue Lake
  4. Rattlesnake

There are other beans called “bush beans” that don’t like to climb as much. They grow in a little bush instead of up a trellis. So, if you want to grow beans on a trellis, make sure you pick pole beans, and they’ll be happy climbers!

How can I ensure proper sunlight and air circulation for my beans while using a bean trellis?

e growing on a trellis is super important. Here’s how you can help your beans be happy and healthy:

  1. Sunlight: Beans love the sun! Find a spot in your yard that gets lots of sunlight, about 6 to 8 hours a day. This will help your beans grow big and strong.
  2. Spacing: When you plant your beans, give them some room to breathe. Plant them about 3 to 4 inches apart, so they won’t be too crowded and can get enough air.
  3. Trellis Position: Make sure your trellis isn’t blocking the sun from reaching your beans. You can place it so the sun shines through the spaces, and your beans can soak up all that sunshine!
  4. Keep it Clean: As your beans grow, keep an eye on them and remove any dead leaves or plants. This will help the air flow around your beans and keep them healthy.

By following these tips, you’ll help your beans get the sunlight and fresh air they need while they grow on their trellis.

Can I grow other vegetables or plants alongside my beans on the trellis, and if so, which ones are good companions for beans?

You can grow other plants and veggies with your beans on the trellis. Some plants are like really good friends to beans and help each other grow better. These buddies are called “companion plants.” Here are some good companions for your beans:

  1. Corn: Beans and corn are best friends! The corn grows tall and gives the beans something to climb, while the beans help put important stuff back in the soil to help the corn grow.
  2. Squash: Squash is another great buddy for beans. It grows close to the ground with big leaves that help keep the soil cool and moist, which beans really like.
  3. Marigolds: These pretty flowers not only look nice, but they also help keep some bugs away from your beans!
  4. Nasturtiums: These colorful flowers are also good friends with beans. They help attract good bugs that protect your beans from the bad bugs.

So, go ahead and plant some buddies for your beans on the trellis. They’ll all grow happily together!

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What kind of beanpole tent garden are you going to make at home?

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