You Can Get A Baby Shark Vacuum For Your Kids That Sings The Song and Actually Picks Stuff Up

I love this Baby Shark vacuum! It’s actually the coolest! Not only is it a toy with your child’s favorite character and sing catchy songs, but it actually picks things up! What a great way to teach kids how to help mom. This Baby Shark vacuum is not only fun, but teaches a great lesson and I love it.

Mom and baby vacuuming hardwood floor in living room with old bulky TV on a wooden entertainment center
Now your little one can be just like mommy and daddy and help clean up with this real Baby Shark Vacuum!

Baby Shark Vacuum with Real Suction

Do your little ones love to clean? My 2-year-old daughter does and she LOVES to vacuum. That is why as soon as I saw this Baby Shark Vacuum, I knew I had to get it for her.

For years every time I would watch my kids use a toy vacuum, I always wondered why no one made a toy vacuum that really worked! The kids were vacuuming and it wasn’t picking anything up. That all has changed with the new Baby Shark vacuum for kids that actually has suction.

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This Baby Shark Vacuum Plays The Hit Song “Baby Shark Do Do”

Baby Shark Vacuum Toy with Suction against background text: Real working Vacuum - Kids Activities Blog
Teach kids that chores don’t have to be tedious with this awesome Baby Shark vacuum.

You Can Get A Baby Shark Vacuum For Your Kids That Sings The Song and Actually Picks Stuff Up and it’s the cutest thing ever! What I love about the fact that it places songs while it runs is…who doesn’t clean while blasting their favorite music?

Baby Shark vacuum box front and back against a white background
This child’s real vacuum not only has suction, but sings the hit children’s song, Baby Shark!

Kids Vacuum Toy that Actually has Vacuum Suction

Bring Pinkfong Baby Shark to life with this children’s vacuum. This toy replica twists and turns just like an adult-sized vacuum and even has real cleaning power to pick up small debris. Turn music and lights on at the touch of a button, and sing along to Pinkfong’s Baby Shark song while tidying up!

Kids will love help tidying up the house and I love that it actually picks things up!

Text: Adjustable Height 22.4"-25" Baby Shark Vacuum blue and yellow against a dark blue Baby shark background with sharks, star fish, shells, and smiling yellow Baby Shark
The height is adjustable!

Baby Shark Vacuum Product Information

Song and suction aside, let’s talk about this products specifications! You won’t have to worry about this Baby Shark vacuum being too heavy as it is less than 3lbs.

It does take batteries as it is cordless. Which is a plus, kids don’t need cords. And the batteries are rechargeable! Oh, and the battery life is about 1.5 hours.

Also, the dust bin is removable so you can clean out all the dust and dirt. That way they can see all the mess they cleaned up!

You can also adjust the handle from 22″ to 25″ that way it can grow a bit as your little one does. Which means you can keep chores fun longer and help promote pretend play longer! Love it!

Text: Real cleaning power- picks up dirt safe for kids- Baby Shark Vacuum blue and yellow in playroom
Make cleaning fun with this Baby Shark vacuum.

Where to Buy the Baby Shark Vacuum

I will say this, I remember a few months back everyone was going crazy for this vacuum and it was sold out for a while so don’t delay and get yours!

Pick up the Pinkfong Baby Shark Children’s Vacuum with Real Suction Power at Amazon or you can get the Baby Shark Vacuum Here from Walmart for $25.

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Would your child love a real vacuum suction toy like this Baby Shark vacuum.

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