Toncoin and KangaMoon resist crypto crash as Jasmycoin nosedives

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Toncoin and KangaMoon remain bullish despite market downturns, with Toncoin potentially reaching $10 and KangaMoon aiming for the $1 mark, while Jasmycoin struggles.

Toncoin and KangaMoon are two altcoins that have somehow managed to remain bullish despite the growing bearish pressure in the crypto market. Both of them are showing gains on the weekly price charts and could rise higher in the next trading sessions. 

While Toncoin is predicted to reach $10, KangaMoon is expected to reach the long-awaited $1 mark. On the other hand, Jasmycoin has succumbed to bears and is now trading in the red zone. However, top analysts like Steph_iscrypto believe it is only a matter of time before its price jumps to $1 but this is not certain. 

Toncoin trades in the green, can it go higher?

With a YTD gain of 445.0%, Toncoin (TON) is among the altcoins that are resisting the bearish pressure in the general crypto market. Data from CoinMarketCap shows that the altcoin has also been able to maintain profits on the weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly timeframes.

Looking into the future, CryptoGodJohn is positive regarding the Toncoin crypto and is certain of the price surge in the next few weeks. According to data from Coincodex the general tone of the market for Toncoin is bullish. 

Most of its indicators are currently in the green, supporting more price growth. With this momentum, the price of Toncoin could rise to $10 and then $15 in the next trading sessions. 

KangaMoon aims for $1 and $1b market cap 

Like Toncoin, KangaMoon is also showing positive movement on the price chart. Its price has increased by 120% in the past week giving investors another return on their investment. This comes after they enjoyed a 400% ROI at the end of the KangaMoon presale.

Since its listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, the altcoin has been receiving a lot of attention from investors who have been able to track its price movement. The listing of the cryptocurrency on BitMart and Uniswap has also sweetened its deal because it can be easily purchased.

In the future, market speculators are predicting the KangaMoon coin to hit a price of $1 and the market capitalization to surpass $1 billion by the end of this year. Therefore, for KangaMoon, the forecast is positive, as KangaMoon prepares to launch its P2E game soon. 

At the same time, some savvy investors have started staking the KANG coins on the newly introduced staking service on KangaMoon to get a good return on their investment. This could be a good option because then traders can make profits from their investments.

At the moment, all hands are on deck for the upcoming Kangavere gaming platform which will tap into the massive value of the Play-to-Earn gaming market. In this game, members of the KangaMoon project will be able to win prizes like NFTs and free coins by taking part in competitions and placing bets on participants. Also, players can upgrade their avatars using the KangaMoon token. 

Jasmycoin price outlook 

While Toncoin and KangaMoon survived the crypto crash, Jasmycoin (JASMY) was not very lucky. Price information from CoinMarketCap reveals losses on the weekly and monthly charts. Nevertheless, the altcoin is still surpassing its last year’s performance with a YTD gain of 505.4%.

Analysts like JavonTM1 are still very optimistic about the price trajectory of Jasmycoin. They expect that the price of Jasmycoin may grow meteorically and reach $2.9 in the next few months. Others like Steph_iscrypto say the altcoin is going to $1.


Toncoin and KangaMoon are among some of the altcoins that did not show much impact of bearish pressure. Analysts believe their prices could continue to rise in the next weeks. On the other hand, Jasmycoin has dropped slightly and is in the red zone at that moment. However, Steph_iscrypto predicts the value of Jasmycoin could jump to $1 soon.

To learn more about KangaMoon, visit the website, join the Telegram community. Interested users can buy KANG here: MEXC, BitMart, Uniswap.

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