These Lemur’s Trying On Halloween Masks Will Put You In The Spirit FAST [Video]

If you need a giggle today, check out this sweet Halloween lemur video and share with a friend! These funny lemurs are trying on Halloween masks! Will fall being here so is the Halloween spirit already and these Lemurs are ready! Look how cute these silly lemurs look with different Halloween masks.

Lemur Trying on Halloween Masks Video - Kids Activities Blog
Laugh at the video of lemurs trying on Halloween masks!

Lemurs Trying on Halloween Masks

Halloween is the best. Between the candy, and carving pumpkins and getting to dress up as a ballerina firefighter zombie, it’s truly more fun than a barrel of lemurs. Or, I believed that until I saw this video.

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about lemurs. They don’t have the inherent adorable factor of sloths, they aren’t perky and goofy like meerkats, and I’ve never seen a lemur work to get out of its enclosure the way I’ve seen honey badgers work to get out of theirs.

Lemurs just seem a bit boring to me. Like, a raccoon with less personality.

I mean, have you ever seen a lemur knock on a door with a rock to be fed? I haven’t. But, I’ve never seen a video like this, before, either.

To keep their lemurs stimulated, and to entertain people like me, this animal rescue just hung Halloween masks all over the Lemur enclosure.

The results? So so funny! Take a look!

Video: Funny Lemurs Trying On Halloween Masks

So yeah, I thought lemurs were boring before, but apparently I’d just never seen one wearing a Frankenstein’s Monster mask.

I think the thing I love most about this is the rescue found a way to make people interested in lemurs.

More Lemur Facts

Like, did you know lemur moms carry their babies around in their mouths after birth? Or that the smallest can weigh as little as 30 grams while the biggest get up to 15 pounds?

And in the wild, lemurs live approximately 18 years!

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Did you giggle at the video of the lemurs trying on Halloween masks?

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