Sunny Argentina Flag Coloring Pages

Today we have a sunny Argentina flag coloring page that is sure to make you smile. These free coloring pages feature the flag of Argentina that are great to add to your next social studies lesson or even an after-school activity. Grab your favorite yellow and blue coloring materials and download these free printable coloring pages featuring the flag of Argentina. Download and print these Argentina flag coloring pages and use them at home or in the classroom.

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Our free printable coloring pages are fun for everyone!

The Kids Activities Blog coloring pages have been downloaded over 100K times in just the last year or two!

Free Printable Argentina Flag Coloring Pages

The flag of Argentina has a unique history on how it became the flag we see today. Click the button to download and print our Argentina Flag coloring pages now:

  • In the center of the flag there is the Sun of May which is the national emblem of Argentina. This sun references the May revolution which led to the country’s independence.
  • There are 32 sunbeams featured on the sun.
  • The light blue represents the majesty of the blue sky.
  • Clouds of the sky are represented by the white middle band.

Now that we know what the colors on the flag mean, let’s take a look at what you might need to enjoy this coloring sheet.

1. Argentina Flag Coloring Page

Argentina Flag coloring page free printable PDF- black and white page 1- kids activities blog
This flag sure stands tall!

The first Argentina Flag coloring page shows some of the land that can be seen in Argentina.  A great way to learn about Argentina’s famous landmarks is printing this flag of Argentina coloring page that features some of the country’s many mountain ranges.

2. Flag of Argentina Coloring Page

Flag of Argentina coloring page free printable PDF- black and white page 2- kids activities blog
Look at the beautiful line art featured on the Sun of May!

In our Argentina Flag second coloring page featuring the Flag of Argentina, kids of all ages will enjoy adding these Argentina flags to their own book of country flags or world flags. Young and old ones can learn that Buenos Aires is Argentina’s capital by enjoying these coloring pages. 

Argentina flag coloring pages printed pdf on a dark background with colorful accessories and coloring supplies- kids activities blog
Don’t forget to download and print our Argentina Flag coloring pages!

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Download & Print Free Argentina Flag Coloring Pages PDF file Here

This Argentina Flag coloring page is sized for standard letter or A4 size printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

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Did you enjoy coloring the flag of Argentina?

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