Schoneveld Breeding Presents ‘Joybera’: A New Standard in Gerbera

Jerry with Gerbera Joybera from Schoneveld Breeding

Jerry with Gerbera Joybera | Schoneveld Breeding

In the pursuit of a new and superior standard for gerbera, Schoneveld Breeding has developed a new variety with improved longevity and homogeneity while maintaining a vibrant and colorful appearance. 

“The gerbera has had a bad image for many years,” says Area Manager (South America) Jerry van der Spek. “Growers and customers were not satisfied, because of the lack of uniformity. The shelf life has never been very fantastic either. We thought, as Schoneveld Breeding: we should be able to change that. And behold, we proudly present our Joybera.” 

So, what makes Schoneveld’s Joybera superior to past gerbera incarnations? Six improved traits of this daisy variety are highlighted by van der Spek. 


As a product for market consumers, Schoneveld Breeding‘s Joybera has been described as very attractive. “The plant produces a lot of flowers,” says van der Spek. “There is an initial explosion of color with often three or four flowers, followed by a second burst with another three or four flowers. Six to eight flowers at a minimum per plant is very common, although I also see some plants with more than 10 flowers!” 

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One of the main trouble spots of gerbera has been its lack of uniformity, which Joybera handily improves upon.  

Due to its extremely good uniformity, the grower can harvest around 80% of the product the very first time,” says van der Spek. “With another round week later, the entire production is easily harvested. There is also very little dropout rate.” 


As with past products, personalization is key. “We can personalize the artwork for our customers. So, they can customize the pot sleeve or label for even more recognizability.” 


The ability to stand out amongst its peers is an important aspect of Joybera. In addition to personalized artwork and labeling, Schoneveld worked with a grower to develop and market its new variety with a distinctive pot sleeve for a unique and universal design when in circulation. 


Even the best products can falter when not properly positioned for success. Because of the initial buzz regarding Joybera, Schoneveld Breeding decided to prominently display the product within the chain.  

“We felt it was important to add value because the recognition of your product means that you cannot be exchanged for competing products in the future,” says van der Spek. “Brandless is worthless, I always say. We won’t let that happen with this fantastic new product.” 

Shelf Life 

An extended shelf life is a prominent improvement of this new gerbera variety. 

“Depending on watering and treatment by the end consumer, the shelf life of just the first flowers can already be as long as four or even five weeks. Truly unprecedented.” 


Schoneveld Breeding’s Gerbera Joybera will be officially introduced to the public during the 2024 Flower Trials held from June 11 to 14. Eight colors will be displayed at the event, although additional double-flowered and double-colored variations will be available in the future. 

For more information on Joybera before its debut at the 2024 Flower Trials, interested parties can preview the variety online and order trial seeds on Schoneveld’s website. 

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