Render price surging as traders eye 5th Scape as VR crypto contender

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Render’s price surge makes it one of the most traded crypto, while 5th Scape gains traction as a trending topic in VR crypto.

The crypto market has been heating up in recent weeks, especially when it comes to projects with encouraging use cases.

One such project making headway is Render (RNDR), with its price increasing as traders speculate on its rendering capabilities.

Some traders are also keeping a close eye on the upcoming 5th Scape (5SCAPE) presale – with anticipation building that it could be the next competitor in the VR crypto space.

RNDR’s price surge becomes crypto market subject of discussion

RNDR’s price surge is one of the main talking points in the market right now. In the past six days, RNDR has pumped over 53% – and rallied 8% yesterday alone.

These numbers highlight Render’s rising prominence, as it’s now the 22nd most traded crypto globally, with $405 million in 24-hour spot volume.

So, what’s driving this meteoric rise?

Based on what the price charts show, it’s mainly down to bullish technicals.

RNDR created a double bottom pattern around $7 last week, viewed as a classic reversal signal.

It then broke above its 20-day exponential moving average (EMA) on the daily chart, adding more fuel to the rally.

With momentum building, some speculate that RNDR could even retest (or pass) its March all-time high in the coming days.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed in the crypto market – but Render could be a coin worth watching.

Accessing untapped GPU power with Render

Render is all about tapping into an often overlooked resource – the power of graphics cards sitting idle in everyday computers.

It creates a decentralized marketplace where that untapped GPU power can be harnessed for demanding rendering tasks.

Here’s how it works: creative professionals (like animators or VFC artists) can use Render’s network to access a pool of computing power to render their projects.

People with spare GPU capacity on their home PCs or rigs (called Node Operators) can earn RNDR tokens by contributing that unused power to the network.

Render price surging as traders eye 5th Scape as VR crypto contender - 2

Creators receive affordable, scalable rendering power on-demand, potentially slashing rendering time and costs.

Meanwhile, node operators earn crypto rewards for monetizing their idle GPUs.

The blockchain foundation of Render also ensures secure, transparent transactions and pricing within this decentralized ecosystem.

These combined elements have made Render one of the projects that’s ready to shake up the creative production process.

Is 5th Scape the Next VR Crypto Gem After Raising $5.8M in Presale?

While RNDR’s rally is grabbing headlines, another crypto project called 5th Scape is also generating buzz.

In fact, some traders believe it could be the next VR crypto token to garner popularity once it hits the open market.

For those unfamiliar, 5th Scape is building an ecosystem for hyper-realistic 3D virtual reality games.

It aims to transport players into stunning virtual worlds through advanced VR technology.

The native 5SCAPE token will power the entire platform, allowing users to buy games, access premium content, and participate in the economy.

However, it’s not just 5th Scape’s features fueling the hype.

VR gaming itself remains a white-hot segment poised for growth as headsets keep advancing.

And with a relatively modest $52 million market cap expected at launch, some view 5th Scape as an undervalued gem with much potential.

There’s also the scarcity angle – according to 5th Scape’s whitepaper, only 5.21 billion 5SCAPE tokens will ever exist.  

Not unlike Render, which capitalizes on unused GPU power, 5th Scape could open up access to elite VR gaming experiences.

Its developer-friendly ecosystem is also designed to attract a creator community that could build the immersive games of the future.

All of these elements have led to a buzz within 5th Scape’s growing Telegram channel.

And with over $5.8 million in funding raised during the project’s ongoing presale, thanks to the discounted price of 5SCAPE, it looks like investors are already optimistic about the development team’s vision.

To learn more, visit the 5th Scape presale website.

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