Pushd stage 6: Hedera and Injective Protocol interest surges

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The ongoing presale of Pushd (PUSHD) at Stage 6 has garnered attention from Hedera (HBAR) and Injective Protocol (INJ) investors, signaling potential innovation in e-commerce. With a notable $0.125 entry point, this Web 3 platform aims to redefine market dynamics.

The Hedera and Injective token holders have been attracted to a token that is making a significant presale run in the crypto market.

The web 3 platform is an e-commerce innovation in the sixth stage of its presale. It breaks the current barriers in the market, which is why Hedera and Injective investors hope the protocol could help provide a loss remedy for their portfolio.

These two investors are buying into the Pushd protocol. Pusdhd is already creating standards and raising the bar for all new crypto innovators as a decentralized platform. The market has tagged the platform as the best investment of 2024 and its token as the blue-chip crypto of the year.

Injective Protocol drop value across the board

Designed as an open-interoperable protocol, Injective (INJ) is a layer-one solution for dApps. With Injective gaining 4.95% of its market value over the last seven days, Injective (INJ) is now the #40 most powerful token in the crypto market.

Unfortunately, Injective’s market capitalization has dropped to $3.6B, and it now trades an average of $197M worth of Injective daily.

This new rank comes after Injective lost about 2.7% in daily trading volume a few days ago, now earning Injective the #74 spot in the rank of highest traded crypto in a day.

Hedera hits $3.5B in market capitalization

Funded through an initial coin offering in 2018, Hedera is a protocol that can be used to secure networks. Hedera (HBAR) can stake tokens to maintain the platform’s integrity.

As of writing, the Hedera token is now selling for $0.1145 per token. After losing 11.84% in market value over the last seven days, Hedera has a total market cap of $3.6B, with a total token supply of 50B Hedera tokens in circulation.

Pushd to lock its liquidity for life

Now selling for $0.125 per token, the Pushd token is highly sought-after in the crypto market. With a guaranteed total supply of 250 million tokens in the crypto market, Pushd will be the first of its kind.

To dissuade theft and hacking actions, the owners of Pushd promised a liquidity lock for 20 years and a team lock for 700 days. With this done, hackers cannot access Pushd’s liquidity.

Other benefits of using Pushd include its global acceptance and its fact transaction processing time. With no KYC process, Pushd users can complete a whole transaction in less than 5 minutes.

Also worth noting is that Pushd will be processing withdrawal requests immediately.

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