Inside a Century-Old LA Home Where the Sun Never Seems to Set

The home had lots of upsides—it flowed from indoors to outdoors, had its own personality and history (it turned 100 last year), and the light was great—but it also had just as many downsides, including rotted flooring, inoperable windows, termite-infested frames and siding, an awkward kitchen, and a general lack of personality. Fixing all the flaws meant calling in the professionals, which the couple swiftly acted upon by enlisting the help of husband-and-wife duo Shawn and Tina Taylor of LA-based interior design practice Dacotah Studio. Their brief? To lean into the “good bones” and light of the home, and emphasize the indoor-outdoor flow. “Our dream was to feel like we are on a laid-back vacation in Italy,” muses Alex.

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For Shawn and Tina, one thing was clear: If they were going to do vacation, they were going to do it right. “We were inspired by the home’s original Spanish details, and we wanted to honor the charm of the original structure while bringing it into the 21st century,” shares Tina. She and Shawn pared down the palette, opting for a combination of light oak, island whites, and calming, subdued tiles that would help keep the spotlight on the art and furnishings. As Shawn explains, some things took more time than others. “The reconfiguration of the kitchen went through several design iterations,” he notes, clarifying that the end result—a galley setup with a large island and an arched entrance—was well worth the effort.

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Conveniently connected to the backyard, the kitchen is an indoor-outdoor sanctuary characterized by marble and oak. “It’s our favorite room of all,” says Alex. “It’s a central gathering place, and we love how inviting, open, and functional it is for cooking and entertaining.” Simonini’s The Wing stools line the island.

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