How to Mail Easter Eggs to Friends & Family

Sending Easter eggs in the mail to friends and family can be a really fun unexpected surprise. Can you really mail Easter eggs?

Yes!  You can put Easter eggs in the post!  Think about your lucky friend who will open up their mailbox expecting the usual bills and spam mail and find a super sweet mailed plastic egg filled with goodies instead.

How to Mail Easter Eggs by post office - plastic filled Easter eggs shown in open mailbox with postage attached
Open your mailbox to a super fun filled plastic egg surprise!

Sending Plastic Filled Easter Eggs by Mail

A couple of years back, I saw someone at the Post Office mailing something in a Pringles can to a friend. At first, I thought they were just sending a can of Pringles and as soon as I got to the counter I asked the Postal worker if you were even allowed to do that! That’s when she told me you could mail pretty much anything!

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That inspired a big list of gifts to send in the mail which includes a bunch of unusual things to mail including this large plastic egg idea. So this year, we decided to send our friends Easter eggs in the mail.

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Mailing plastic Easter eggs to friends and family - Kids Activities Blog - group of colorful plastic eggs
Let’s mail some eggs!

Supplies Needed To Mail Easter Eggs

  • Jumbo Plastic Easter Eggs. (The little ones are too small to fit both an address and stamps on so using the large plastic eggs is a much better solution.)
  • A Sharpie to write the address with.
  • Something to put in the Easter eggs that isn’t too heavy. (If it’s over 3.2 ounces, then it starts costing more.)
  • Clear Packing Tape
  • Stamps (At the time of this post, it cost $2.32 in postage to mail the eggs as long as they are under 3.2 ounces.)
Things You Need To Mail Easter Eggs - Mailing supplies for plastic eggs - shown is bag of plastic colored eggs, clear tape, sharpie marker and desired egg size
You don’t need too many things to mail plastic eggs at the post office!

Instructions for Mailing Plastic Easter Eggs

  1. To mail Easter eggs, you fill the large plastic eggs with something small. (I sent two Starburst candies and a little note in mine.) It’s also fun to add a little Easter Grass since it weighs practically nothing and will add as a sort of packing material inside your egg.
  2. Write the address right on the large plastic egg with a sharpie.
  3. Cover the outside of the plastic egg with clear tape. Make sure the address is visible enough that the Post Office can read it.
  4. After you’ve taped your egg, add the stamps, and now your Easter Eggs are ready to mail!
How To Mail Easter Eggs instructions - write the address on the plastic colored egg, fill with candy and tape with clear tape and add postage
Make sure the address on the plastic egg is visible through the clear tape!

Our Experience Mailing Plastic Eggs

  • The post office thought I was a little crazy when I went in and had them weigh the large plastic eggs for me to mail, but they were very excited about it.
  • Our friends did get them, but they took a couple of days longer than most mail does.
  • I wouldn’t put anything of actual value in an egg and mail it or anything, this is more about getting something silly and fun in the mail than anything else!
Plastic filled Easter eggs to be mailed by post office - Kids activities Blog - colorful eggs on a white background ready to be filled
Really? Mailing plastic eggs?

Will the US Post Office Deliver My Plastic Eggs by Mail?

Yes. There are no regulations about the shape of the piece of mail delivered by USPS.  The main guideline is that packages delivered by the post office must not weigh more than 70 lbs or be more than 108 inches in total length and girth.  Obviously, large plastic Easter eggs are much smaller than that!

Can I Mail Eggs?

You can mail real eggs, but not how we have outlined here for plastic eggs!  The post office recommends that you wrap each egg individually in bubble wrap if they are breakable and then put them into a box that closes tightly, but doesn’t put too much pressure on how close the eggs are together.

What Can I do with Old Plastic Easter Eggs?

Most plastic Easter eggs can not be recycled, so finding an alternative use for them can be a great solution. Obviously, we love the idea of sending plastic filled eggs in the mail, but there are also a bunch of uses for plastic Easter eggs that you can check out as well. 

When you can not be there together for Easter - send eggs in the mail - Kids Activities Blog - two kids opening plastic easter eggs on the grass
Send Easter to them via USPS!

When You Can’t Be Together at Easter

Easter is a time for friends and family to gather, but it isn’t always possible.  I love the idea of sending Easter in the mail as a fun surprise.  One thing I have noticed is my kids don’t get mail.  So, to have something like plastic, filled eggs show up in the mailbox can be a double surprise!

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What are you going to put in your plastic eggs to mail?

Active Time
5 minutes

Total Time
5 minutes


Estimated Cost
under $5


  • Jumbo plastic Easter eggs
  • Something to fill the eggs
  • (optional) Easter grass


  • Sharpie
  • Clear Packing Tape
  • Stamps


  1. Fill the large (Jumbo) plastic eggs with what you want to mail.
  2. (Optional) Add Easter grass to fill and cushion inside the egg.
  3. Write the address on the outside of the egg with a permanent marker.
  4. Cover the outside of the egg with clear tape.
  5. Add stamps.

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