Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! (Ideas To Celebrate)

We’re celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week this year and making it easy on parents and kids to honor their teachers, educators and school staff who have worked so hard to help our kids learn this year. We have a week’s worth of Teacher Appreciation celebration ideas to thank your favorite teachers and show your gratitude. Welcome to a big list of ideas for National Teacher Appreciation Week! 

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Let’s celebrate teacher appreciation week!

When is Teacher Appreciation Week?

US Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week of May. This year, Teacher Appreciation Week falls on May 6, 2024 – May 10, 2024. National Teacher Day is May 7, 2024 which was originated in 1953 by former first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt.

Teacher Appreciation Week is meant to honor teachers for their hard work over the school year and how they truly love and care for all of our kids with small gifts. In my opinion, pampering our teachers five days out of the year isn’t enough, but it’s a start.

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Young girl writing a note to her teacher on a laptop to share her favorite thing about her teacher.
Kids can choose from five different prompts to write a special message to their teacher every day during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

When asked what teachers want as a gift, my teacher friends usually say that great teachers want their kids to be safe, healthy, happy, read to, and for mom and dad to support the kids’ learning at home. They also quickly follow those sentiments with “wine” as a favorite gift choice, haha!  Here are some ideas for your child’s teacher that make a great gift…

1. Gift Card Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

You can’t go wrong with digital gift cards for Teacher Appreciation Week for great places they can go: coffee, Netflix, Hulu, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Instacart, Kindle, Buffalo Wild Wings, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Target are great quarantine gifts that will be appreciated.

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2. Send a Delivery for Teacher Appreciation Week

Send teachers the special gift of Tiff’s Treats or flowers. Have a yard card service set up a message in their yard or school yard (ask permission first), like “an awesome teacher lives here!”

3. Set up an Amazon Wish List for Teacher Appreciation

Room parents and class volunteers can ask the teacher to set up an Amazon wish list of some of their favorite things, school supplies or books they want to read and parents can purchase from there. Even some of the big name stores are getting in on the fun, like Target’s teacher discount! 

thank you teacher letters spelled out on a corkboard background encouraging families to participate in teacher appreciation week
There are so many simple ways to shop for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Thoughtful and Inexpensive Gifts for Teachers

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give teachers something special. Kids crafts are a great place to start! Who doesn’t love a sweet memento like a video or slide show presentation?

Don’t forget school administrators, support staff and any other helpers in the school district…everyone can take part of teacher appreciation week!

1. Kid Written Notes

Kids can write a nice thank you note or notes of appreciation and hand it to their teacher or you can scan and email it instead. You could even have your child record a video message for their teacher and email it to them. 

How Do You Wish A Teacher Appreciation?

We’ve put together a sample daily schedule for online Teacher Appreciation Week that includes five different prompts for students to share something special about their teacher. 

There are printable PDF versions that kids can fill out — take a picture of their creation, print it, scan it, and email it to your teacher, post on social media, or upload the picture to your child’s digital classroom in Google Classroom, SeeSaw, or whatever program your school uses. There are also links to each of these messages in Google Slides so you can edit them digitally to make them even easier to share!

Each day has a great idea that is easily completed for National Teacher Appreciation Day and week.

What is each day of teacher appreciation week?

Use the digital version links for each day (copy and edit) or download the Teacher Appreciation Week Graphics pdf version: Teacher Appreciation Week Template Printables

Teacher Appreciation Printable graphic - Dear Teacher My Favorite thing about you is... - Kids Activities Blog
Dear Teacher: My favorite thing about you is…


  • Share your favorite photos with Teachers and Staff on your school’s social media or create a collage and take it to your teacher.
  • Today’s Special Message: Use this My Favorite Thing About My Teacher template to share what you love about your teacher. Click here for a digital version you can edit in Google Slides.


Teacher appreciation week image to edit - Dear Teacher I will never forget that you taught me: - Kids Activities Blog
Dear Teacher: I will never forget that you taught me…


  • Record a video message or write a letter to your teacher to show them how they helped you with student success! You can email it directly to them, upload to your digital classroom, or share a photo on your school’s social media or deliver it personally to the teacher’s desk.
  • Today’s Special Message: Use this You Taught Me template to share something special that you learned from your teacher. Click here for a digital version you can edit in Google Slides.
teacher appreciation week image to edit - Dear Teacher I remember making you proud when I - Kids Activities Blog
I remember making you proud when I…


teacher appreciation week image to edit - Dear Teacher My favorite thing about you is - Kids Activities Blog
Dear Teacher: My favorite memory in our class was…


teacher appreciation week image to edit - Dear Teacher I am really going to miss - Kids Activities blog
Dear Teacher: I’m really going to miss…


  • Decorate your desk, classroom bulletin board or hallway for the teachers and staff so they can feel the love. Use sidewalk chalk to leave messages in front of the school, create fun signs and put them in the school yard.
  • Today’s Special Message: Use this What I’ll Miss template to share what you will miss most about your teacher. Click here for a digital version you can edit in Google Slides.

More Ways To Celebrate US Teacher Appreciation Week 2024

No matter how you honor the awesome teachers at your school for their long hours of service giving high quality education, just make sure you have a good time in celebration of teacher appreciation week! Whether it is preschool, Kindergarten, elementary school teachers, middle school teachers or a high school teacher you are celebrating, let’s support teachers who went way past the call of duty this past year with special gifts.

Happy teacher appreciation week!

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Teacher Appreciation Week FAQ

Is Teacher Appreciation Week the same every year?

Teacher Appreciation Week is every year and falls on the first full week of May. Teacher Appreciation Day falls on the Tuesday of the first full week in May. That means in 2024, Teacher Appreciation week is May 6 – May 10 and Teacher Appreciation Day would be Tuesday, May 7, 2023.

How often is Teacher Appreciation Week?

While teachers deserve our appreciation every day of the year, Teacher Appreciation week falls yearly on the first full week of May.

Is teachers appreciation week National?

Yes, Teacher Appreciation week is celebrated across the United States every May! Don’t miss this fun opportunity to celebrate the important educators in your life.

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How are you celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week this year? Did we miss a good teacher appreciation gift idea? Please let us know in the comments below!

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