Genius Pool Hacks & DIY + Coolest Pool Toys Ever!

Be the coolest house on the block with these fun homemade pool hacks and what we think are the coolest pool toys EVER! in your backyard.  During the hot months of summer, the pool is the central fun location whether you have one in the backyard or visit the community pool.  Pool time is the best part of the summer.  

genius pool hacks - 5 pictures of homemade pool hacks and homemade DIY projects for the pool
These home made pool items are genius!

Pool Hacks & Homemade Pool Fun

So here are some fun pool hacks and pool toys to make your pool life easier and more fun this summer!

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1. DIY Towel Rack Made from PVC Pipe

How to Build a PVC Pool Towel Rack – This is genius!  So much better than all the wet towels ending up on the ground or your lounge chair.

2. DIY Beverage Boat Made from Pool Noodles

Noodle Beverage Boat(link no longer available) – Use your pool noodles to create a floating beverage boat

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3. Make Draining Kiddie Pool a Breeze

How to easily drain a toddler pool – This helps you avoid the big puddle of water on your grass when you dump the pool.

4. How to Stop Leaks in a Water Blob

How to Make a Leak Proof Water Blob with tape  – Kids will have hours of fun with this and stay cool on a hot day.

5. DIY Plastic Pool Chair Hack

Repurpose old plastic chairs into pool chairs – Great for keeping your feet cool on a hot day!

6. Homemade Dirty Feet Cleaning Area

Rinse your dirty feet off on a bed of stones – This is genius!  People are so smart!

pool hacks - 4 pictures of different homemade pool ideas that can be created at home including pool noodle sprinkler and glowing jars
Love these handmade DIY pool ideas!

7. DIY Kiddie Pool Fire Pit

Have a pool and fire pit all in one place – Put a kiddie pool in the ground in the summer and use as a fire pit in winter — genius!

8. Kiddie Pool Clean Solution You Can DIY

How to keep a kiddie pool clean – Do you have an extra fitted sheet?  That is all you need.

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9. Make Homemade Glowing Lanterns

Glow Stick Lanterns – If you want to swim at night or just hang out by the pool — make these cool mason jar lights with glow sticks.

10. DIY Sprinkler from a Pool Noodle

Use a pool noodle as a sprinkler for kids – This is good for hours of fun for the kids.

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cool pool toys

Coolest Pool Toys Around

The pool just isn’t for swimming anymore — it’s for playing.  And today there are a ton more pool “toys” to play with than just the inner tubes of my generation.  Here are a few of our favorite pool toys for the summer!

11. DIY Pool Noodle Ideas for Summer

There are so many pool noodle ideas for summer to keep kids cool and playing outside with simple DIY projects made from pool noodles.

12. Pool Noodles and More Pool Noodles!

Robelle Pool Water Noodles Blue and Pink 12-Pack – Pool noodles are a must this time of year. As you can see from the above links, there are many uses for these.

13. Spaceship Squirter Pool Toy

Swimline – UFO 45 Inch Spaceship Squirter  – Where was this when I was a kid?

14. Host a Pool Scavenger Hunt

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Undersea Treasure Hunt -This is a new take on diving rings.

15. Pool Basketball Game

Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game – Who doesn’t love a floating basketball net!

16. Need a Pool? Try this!

Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool, 103″ X 69″ X 22″, for Ages 6+

17. Floating Dinosaur Toys for the Pool

We adore these cute light up dinosaur toys for the pool…kiddie pool or even bath tub!

18. Take Your Doll Swimming With You

We love love love these cute swimming doll ideas from Cabbage Patch which include a floatie!

19. Floatation for More than One Kid

If you have been a parent at the pool with more than one little one you know how hard it is to keep everyone within arm’s reach and safe. We love this flotation for toddlers…literally more than one!

20. Pet Pool Includes the ENTIRE Family…even ones with paws

You need a doggie pool. It is settled.

21. Water Clay is a Fun Pool Sensory Toy for Kids

These clay toys are for the water making them a really fun way to play in the pool this summer.

More Smart Pool Ideas and diys from Kids Activities Blog

What is your favorite pool hack or homemade pool toy?

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