From Cannabis to Flowers: One Canadian Company’s Journey

It was just a few years ago that some ornamental operations were either shifting production to cannabis, or expanding into that market with new facilities. Now, with the cannabis market in a state of uncertainty, there may be signs of a shift back.

Edmonton, Alberta-based Aurora Cannabis says it plans to have its Aurora Sun greenhouse repurposed and producing starter vegetables and flowers by this time next year.

“By leveraging purpose-built but underutilized cannabis facilities, our team of cultivation experts is undertaking a transformational product-line extension, moving into the profitable cultivated orchids market while continuing to grow the reach of the base business,” said Miguel Martin, CEO of Aurora, in a recent post on, an Albert-based news publication.

Company presentations state through the move of B.C.-based Bevo into Leduc and Medicine Hat facilities, it hopes to expand sales supply into Alberta and American Midwest greenhouse markets.

There is no immediate timeline or budget estimates for Aurora Sun refitting, completion, or operations in documents that target the company’s first fiscal quarter of 2025, which begins next summer.

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The huge, incomplete facility in Medicine Hat was shuttered three years ago as it pulled back capital construction spending and began closing existing facilities when the cannabis market failed to meet expectations after legalization. This year it transferred ownership of Sun to a new subsidiary that was revamping the 800,000-square-foot Aurora Sky greenhouse in Leduc to grow wholesale vegetable seedlings for major greenhouse customers as well as ornamental flowers.

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