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Dogwifhat and Bonk advance up the memecoin list, KangaMoon to follow

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As Dogwifhat and Bonk demonstrate significant growth, KangaMoon’s presale positions it as a promising contender in the dynamic memecoin market.

Meme coins have been growing in popularity lately; Dogwifhat (WIF) and Bonk (BONK) are among the most popular. At the same time, KangaMoon (KANG) is about to hit a significant milestone in its presale – raising over $6m. Some experts hint that this Stage 5 presale sensation could become the next 100x memecoin in 2024. 

Dogwifhat price spikes after Bybit listing

Dogwifhat (WIF) has recently been making headlines in the memecoin space. Notably, Bybit announced it will list this meme coin on its platform. The exchange said it did this because the Dogwifhat coin meets the liquidity requirements. 

The Dogwifhat price movement spiked 1,541% in the past year alone, reaching a market cap of $2.75b. Additionally, the technical analysis for Dogwifhat shows a bright future ahead. For example, 11 technical indicators are flashing green for WIF. Because of this, experts remain bullish as they foresee a rise to $3.39 before Q2 of 2024 ends. 

Bonk continues soaring in the memecoin market

Meanwhile, Bonk (BONK) is another meme coin showing bullish signs. For example, Bonk saw a price surge of 3,775% in the past year alone. CoinMarketCap data shows that at one point, it even flipped Floki (FLOKI) in terms of market cap. The Bonk market cap soared to $1.58b during that time, while Floki’s sat at $1.50b. 

The Bonk crypto technical analysis also shows bullish signs. Currently, Bonk’s RSI indicator shows a 60 – a bullish sign. With an additional 20 technical indicators in the green, the future of this meme coin appears bright. As a result, market analysts predict that Bonk will trade at $0.000038 within Q2 of 2024. 

KangaMoon emerges as leading memecoin

KangaMoon (KANG) is still among the best-performing memecoins, as its presale raised over $6m so far. Projections suggest KangaMoon may pass the $7m mark before May 2024 ends. Not only that, this memecoin now boasts over 6,000 holders and 20,000 registered community members. 

Unlike 99% of meme coins, KANG possesses actual utility as it will be used as an in-game currency for KangaMoon’s upcoming P2E game. With this meme coin, users can buy in-game items or enhance their characters. Additionally, KANG holders will get exclusive access to weekly, monthly, and quarterly challenges for extra rewards and in-game items. 

Another exciting aspect of KangaMoon is its SocialFi features. For example, KangaMoon provides free KANG tokens to its most active community members. This has made countless individuals rush to like or share KangaMoon’s social media content to obtain this meme coin before its official launch. 

One KANG token is worth $0.0196 in Stage 5 of its presale. Early buyers are experiencing a 290% ROI. However, experts point out that KANG has ties to the P2E gaming market, which may reach $885m by 2028.


KangaMoon has a low market cap of $19.6m, so it could overtake Dogwifhat and Bonk. In other words, KANG needs way less new funds for its price to skyrocket. Interested investors can get in on this potential game-changing token in the memecoin space: follow the links below and get a 10% bonus. 

To learn more, visit the official Kangamoon website or follow the project via Telegram.

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