Crypto winter over, Cardano, Meme Moguls, and Fantom rallying

The bear market from 2022 seems to be over, considering rising Bitcoin (BTC) prices in recent weeks. Altcoins, including Cardano (ADA), Meme Moguls (MGLS), and Fantom (FTM), have also been trending higher. 

Cardano surging

ADA has been trending higher in the last three weeks to around $0.39 when writing. 

The uptick could be credited to rising institutional attention due to the debate around spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) approval.

The Cardano team has also been running the Cardano Summit, bringing together the community to celebrate progress. 

Analysts say for the uptrend to continue, ADA must break above the $0.40-$0.42 resistance zone. If that happens, the coin could surge to $0.98.

Exploring Meme Moguls

Meme Moguls enables the trading of memes as assets, similar to stocks. It draws inspiration from successful business moguls like Elon Musk and Warren Buffett. 

The platform offers various features, including the Moguls Casino, the Meme Moguls Fantasy Trader, and the Moguls Exchange Trading Platform. 

The most notable feature is Mogul Land, a metaverse world where users can connect, mine tokens, and engage in other financial activities. 

MGLS is native to the Meme Moguls ecosystem. It facilitates transactions, incentivizes users to engage, and is used for governance. 

In stage 1 of the ongoing presale, MGLS is available for $0.0019. From how the crowdfund is structured, token prices will rise in subsequent phases. 

The team will reward the most active presale participants with $10,000 in prizes.

Fantom recovers

After losses in 2023, Fantom is recovering. 

After the Multichain bridge hack, the platform’s total value locked (TVL) fell to a two-year low. 

In the aftermath of the hack, the token crashed by over 20%.

FTM prices are up 30% in the past week, trading at around $0.34. If prices surge above $0.40, it could trigger a bull run.

The Fantom Sonic testnet was recently released, featuring the Fantom Virtual Machine, Carmen database storage for 90% storage reduction, and improvements to the Lachesis consensus mechanism.

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