Chinese Flower Breeding Industry Debuts Xiamen International Flower Trials

The Xiamen International Flower Trials (XIFT), also referred to as “New Flower Trials, were held by Ernst Benary Samenzucht GmbH, Xiamen Ican Seed Co., and the Fujian Flower Association 

The first brand event of the Chinese flower breeding industry, XIFT attracted friends from home and abroad, enterprises of seed and seedling, scientific research units, and individual breeders. Nearly 1,000 people gathered to celebrate this event together. 

The exhibition area of XIFT covers a total of 40,000 square meters. More than 80 exhibitors joined from domestic and foreign enterprises and scientific research institutions. More than 1,200 new and excellent varieties were shown. The exhibition aims to promote the high-quality development of the flower industry, focusing on the protection and breeding of flower germplasm resources and the transformation of new varieties of ownership. 

During the exhibition, the jury of industry experts selected 39 “New Flowers Award” winners from more than 1200 new varieties and selected four “Annual Outstanding Breeder” awards from the exhibitors. Among them, the Ptilotus exaltatus Matilda from Benary won the gold medal, and four units, including Benary and Selecta-One, were awarded the “Annual Outstanding Breeder” awards for their professional independent research and development level, excellent new varieties, and outstanding contributions to the flower industry.

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