Build Lifelong Reading Habits with our Free Printable Reading Log and Activity Guide

Creating lifelong readers takes more than just a reading log and a book. It takes habit-building and real fun! Kids of all ages will love our free printable reading log. Because…it isn’t just a log! This free printable reading log helps your child build a love of reading by growing reading comprehension, exploring different books, focusing on the plot through fun activities. You can download and print this reading log and use it weekly at home or in the classroom!

Free Printable Reading Log- Woman with curly hair holding a table showing the document cover page that says "Reading together weekly; You can help you child develop a lifeling reading habit."
Creating lifelong readers in your kids requires a plan! Download our free printable reading log and activity guide for help.

Reading with your children can be a great way to not only create a lasting bond but also develop the skills and confidence they need for life. By strengthening this vital skill, you can help your child’s reading development, give them a sense of accomplishment and deepen the connection between you and your child. Click here to download and print your free reading log now:

Read on for tips and ideas about how to make reading together every day an enriching experience and download our printable reading log for free.

Our “Reading Together Everyday” workbook includes a guide for making a reading plan with your child, brainstorming different types of books, comprehension activities like summary pages and drawing activities, and perhaps most important, a free printable reading log to keep track of your child’s reading accomplishments!

1. Free Printable Reading Log: Cover

Free Printable Reading Log- Page 1- Colorful cover with polka dots printed pdf file- kids activities blog
This is the cover of our reading log and activity set.

Here is the first page of our free printable reading log set and it’s the cover! We made it fun and vibrant so your kids will be excited about using their reading log and filling out all the activity pages.

2. Free Printable Reading Log: Daily Reading Goal

Free Printable Reading Log- Page 2- Colorful read daily and out loud worksheet printed pdf file- kids activities blog
Let’s make a daily habit of reading out loud!

Here is the second page of our free reading log set. This page will help your child make a habit of reading out loud daily. You can mark what days went well and which ones didn’t go so well and figure out why. Was it the book? Was it too boring or challenging? What can you do to get your child engaged in reading?

3. Free Printable Reading Log: The Actual Reading Log

Free Printable Reading Log- Page 3- Colorful reading log with blank spaces printed pdf file- kids activities blog
Mark down all the books you’ve read!

This is the third page of our free printable reading log set. And it is the actual reading log! It has an ample amount of spaces to keep up with the date your child read a book, the title, and the author. This will help them feel more accomplished as they fill it up and even find books they enjoyed so they can reread them. Plus, when my kids filled up their reading log I like to give them a small treat as a reward for working so hard!

4. Free Printable Reading Log: Finding Balance In Books Activity Sheet

Free Printable Reading Log- Page 4- Colorful finding balance in books activity sheet printed pdf file- kids activities blog
Finding a balance in books means exploring different genres.

Here is the fourth page in our free printable reading log set. It’s an activity sheet that will help your child find balance in books. What does that mean? Well, that means you explore different books so your child can find what they love. If they’re aren’t enjoy certain types of fiction maybe they will love non-fiction or poetry, or biography, fairy tales, high fantasy, etc.

5. Free Printable Reading Log: Doodle Your Book

Free Printable Reading Log- Page 5- Colorful Doodle your book activity sheet printed pdf file- kids activities blog
Let’s draw out our favorite books!

This is the fifth page in our free printable reading log set. And it’s a fun page! Your child can draw out the characters, settings, and even the message of the story. We each see the characters and places in our books a certain way (which is why the movies are so disappointing half the time) and so being able to draw out those things will really make the book come to life as well as build reading comprehension.

6. Free Printable Reading Log: Develop Literacy Worksheet

Free Printable Reading Log- Page 6- Colorful develop literacy activity sheet printed pdf file- kids activities blog
Let’s build reading comprehension now.

This is the sixth page in our free printable reading log set. Let’s build reading comprehension. Most people can read something and it not stick. We want things to stick with our kids and their reading comprehension to grow which is why we have these fun and different activities to do just that.

7. Free Printable Reading Log: My Favorite Book

Free Printable Reading Log- Page 7- Colorful my favorite book activity sheet printed pdf file- kids activities blog
Which book was your favorite!

And here we have the last page in our free printable reading log set! This fun activity page will allow your child to think back at all the books they reading during the week and pick out which book was their favorite and why. As well as help them broaden their imagination a bit by allowing them to think and discuss things they’d change in the book.

Benefits of Reading with Your Children

Reading together as a family is a great way to build a close bond with your children and an even better way to instill a love of learning from an early age. Reading with your children on a daily basis helps promote a variety of skills, including improving their literacy skills, teaching them about the world around them, and sparking their imaginations.

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Free Printable Reading Log- A collection of documents related to reading goals for a family. Title says Build Lifelong Readers, Download our free printable.
Make a plan with your family for daily reading with our reading log, book tracker, brainstorming guide, and comprehension activities.

Reading allows your children to explore different cultures, places, and experiences that they may otherwise not be exposed to. When you read with your children, you can discuss the topics at hand which can lead to further conversations and help them build a broader understanding of what’s happening in the world. Reading can also help children develop important skills like problem-solving, creativity, and empathy.

It’s important to read with your children regularly as it allows them to improve their language skills and become more confident readers. Reading aloud gives them a chance to learn new words and understand them better. It also provides an opportunity for them to practice and understand proper sentence structure, pronunciation and intonation. By reading with your children, you provide them with an environment to be curious and ask questions, which can help them form a lifelong love of learning.

Use a reading log to build confidence and create a visual of their success

By documenting the books that your children read with a reading log, you can help them to build confidence in their reading abilities. As your child finishes each book, read through it with them and discuss what they liked and disliked about it. This will help them to articulate their thoughts and feelings and gain a better understanding of the story.

Free Printable Reading Log- photos show the document collection for a family reading plan, including the cover that says "Reading Together Weekly."
Let’s help our children learn to love to read!

When you keep track of the books your children have read, they will be able to look back and see how far they have come and how much they have read. Having a record of the books they have read can also serve as a source of encouragement when they face difficult books or concepts. This can help them to stay motivated and encouraged to continue reading. Additionally, by writing reviews of the books they have read, they can develop critical thinking skills and gain a deeper appreciation for different types of literature.

Making Reading Fun

Creating a fun and inviting environment for reading can help your children to develop a lifelong love of reading. Allow your children to choose the books that interest them and make sure they are reading something that is appropriate for their age and skill level. Ask them questions throughout the story and encourage them to ask you questions as well.

Ways to Make Reading with Your Child Fun and Stressfree:

  • Set a time for reading together every day that works for you both.
  • Brainstorm a list of books your child would be interested in reading. Use our free printable reading log and activity guide for this!
  • Keep track of your child’s reading progress and celebrate their successes. <— Did I mention our free reading log?
  • Make reading time fun and interactive by coming up with creative ideas to engage your child.
  • Share your favorite childhood books with your child.
  • Incorporate fun activities like games and art into the books you are reading together. There are activities included in the reading printable!
Free Printable Reading Log- Two device screens show the cover and a reading log page of the printable called "Reading Together Weekly."
This printable is more than just a reading log.

Another way to make reading fun is to incorporate music and art into your reading sessions. Play background music to set the tone for the story and then, after reading, you can have your children draw a picture related to the story or write a poem. You can also use props and costumes to bring the story to life. All these activities help give your children a creative outlet to express themselves and help them to remember the stories better.

Reading has many valuable benefits, both for you and your child. By spending quality time together every day to read, you can help your child develop a love of reading, build their confidence, and gain the skills they need to reach success in their lives. So grab a book, snuggle up, and get ready to make lasting memories with your little reader.

Download the Free Printable Reading Log and Activity Guide PDF File

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How did your kids like our free printable reading long? Has it been helpful in getting them to read more? How do you get your kids to read more? We’d love to hear from you!

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