Brigette Romanek Channels Earth Tones and Luxe Textures in Her New Collab with Loloi Rugs

Loloi has done it again with another star power collaboration on the heels of partnerships with Joanna Gaines and Justina Blakeney. Today, Brigette Romanek—the AD100 designer with a penchant for attainable luxury and a long list of celebrity clients, including Gwyneth Paltrow—officially joins the ranks. Romanek tells us that the appeal of designing an assortment of rugs was a no-brainer. “Rugs ground a space, bring comfort and a sense of home, and can also make it feel like a cocoon,” she explains in an email. “I loved the idea of making beautiful pieces that are timeless and designed for everyone.”

For Romanek’s debut with Loloi, she introduces four brand-new rug collections (hand-knotted, hand-woven, or hand-loomed) named after pivotal women in her life, along with an assortment of patterned throw pillows. Fluffy textures and soft-to-the-touch fabrics abound, along with plenty of earth tones and neutrals. Highlights from the line include laid-back checkerboard options made from wool and cotton along with a shaggy, teddy-bear-esque style called Dana, which is the designer’s personal favorite due to its “gorgeous texture, depth, and warmth.”

When she was envisioning fabrics and concepts for the collection, Romanek kept thinking about the experience of someone taking off their shoes and stepping onto the rug and how she wanted them to feel immediate comfort. “I often say that where your eye lands, I want it to look beautiful,” she says. “In the case of this collaboration, I want where your foot lands to feel beautiful, luxurious, and cozy, allowing you to sink into the space.”

As for tips on picking the right rug for your space, Romanek stresses the importance of avoiding ones that cover the entire floor (“I like to see a little bit of floor”) and to ensure that you’re not placing a high-pile fabric under furniture. Rugs from the Brigette Romanek x Loloi collection start at $1,500 and run upwards of $7,000. Shop some of our favorite pieces from the new collection, which are currently available to the trade, below.

Knox Collection KNX-01 BR Ivory / Khaki

Dana Collection DNA-01 BR Granite

Orly Collection ORL-01 BR Denim

Frida Collection FRE-01 BR Dark Taupe

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