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Bonk price pumping – what to expect this July

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Bonk leads memecoin gainers with an 8% uptick. Base Dawgz gains traction, raising $2.3M in presale.

Bonk is leading crypto’s top memecoin gainers today with an 8% uptick. Its performance has garnered a lot of excitement – but can this continue into July?

Analysts bullish as Bonk price starts road to recovery

While Bonk’s daily gains are impressive, that’s only part of the story. Its price has also increased by 15% this week and 22% in the past two weeks. This week’s performance makes it the third-highest gainer of the top 10 memecoins, only behind Dogwifhat and Mog Coin.

However, looking back over recent months, it’s not been all positive for the Solana-based meme crypto. The project is down 21% this month and 42% from its March all-time high.

But with Bonk now displaying relative strength over most of its memecoin peers, industry pundits are bracing for continued gains in the coming weeks. Analyst Guru described how the memecoin market has been in a state of exhaustion lately, but Bonk’s strong recovery indicates it could lead to the next memecoin season.

Meanwhile, Jakey reiterated the integral position of Bonk within the Solana ecosystem.

“I will forever suggest that anyone within the SOLANA ecosystem hold a bit of BONK. It has played a massive role in the regrowth of the Solana ecosystem, dark days with a very uncertain feeling for most.”

“They decide to do something that zero people would have thought to do, an airdrop that helped many get back on their feet and that reminder of why we came to Solana in the first place,” he continued.

The project’s humble beginnings in the 2023 bear market and subsequent meteoric rise have garnered it a place in many Solana degens’ hearts and could contribute to its next upswing.

World of Charts thinks its next leg up is imminent, highlighting that Bonk has recently broken a descending channel. The analyst predicts a move toward $0.00004, which could ignite a higher time frame rally beyond its $0.00004704 ATH.

With Bonk gaining pace on other memecoins, there’s a clear path to success in July. However, another memecoin also showing potential is Base Dawgz, a new multichain memecoin currently undergoing a presale.

Base Dawgz raises $2.3M – presale price increase 6 days

The time for investors to buy Base Dawgz at its current presale price is limited. It is currently available at $0.00581, but this expected to rise throughout the presale, with the next uptick in six days.

Bonk price pumping – what to expect this July - 2

Despite being in its presale, Base Dawgz has already gained massive traction and raised over $2.3 million. But this is not investors’ everyday memecoin. It’s a Base-native memecoin with multichain functionality.

The project is also available on Ethereum, Solana, BSC, and Avalanche. Meanwhile, the Base Dawgz community can benefit from its refer-and-earn mechanism and staking layer.

It’s a synergy of utilities with viral potential. And alongside investor interest, Base Dawgz has a nod of approval from prominent analysts.

For instance, ClayBro recently predicted that PlayDoge “will make millionaires,” pointing to the success of other innovative meme coin projects.

Moreover, the project has received coverage in top crypto media outlets, including CryptoPotato, Cointelegraph, and

With multiple utilities, cross-chain functionality, and the memecoin market recovering, there’s a good reason for Base Dawgz’s hype. Since price increases are anticipated during the presale, acting promptly offers the best chance for maximizing potential gains.

For more information, visit the Base Dawgz presale website.

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