Bloomberg analyst predicts capital inflows into Hong Kong ETFs

Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas assessed the prospects for spot cryptocurrency ETFs in Hong Kong.

According to the Balchunas, his asset estimate is currently $1 billion for the first two years. The ETF analyst noted this is positive but still far from the $25 billion estimate cited by some analysts.

“But a lot depends on infrastructure improvement. We also think this helps HK as ETF leader in Asia region.”

Eric Balchunas, Bloomberg analyst

However, the expert noted that mainland Chinese investors will likely not be eligible to buy Hong Kong-listed Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETFs as the purchase of virtual assets is prohibited in the region.

Balchunas also clarified his $500 million estimate a few days ago. According to the analyst, the previous forecast was short-term, and the new estimate is based on allowing more time for infrastructure development.

Earlier this week, Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) approved Boshi International, HashKey Capital, China Asset Management, and Harvest Investment applications to launch spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs.

Local authorities are actively working to regulate the crypto market. The transparent legal environment created by Hong Kong regulators has made the region attractive for crypto projects, thanks to which the particular administrative region of China has become a major crypto center.

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