25 Wild & Fun Animal Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Let’s make animal crafts today! We have picked out our favorite animal crafts for kids of all ages including animal paper crafts, animal art projects or animal food crafts. All these fun animal craft ideas make entertaining and educational animal activities for kids. These animal crafts are great for home or in the classroom.

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Let’s make animal crafts!

Fun Animal Crafts For Kids

Making animal crafts can be as fun as a trip to the zoo. Celebrate your favorite zoo animals with animal activities and art. I’ve been looking around and found so many fun zoo animal crafts that I couldn’t wait to share them with you.

Some zoo animals, such as penguins and polar bears, have had lots of kids craft projects modeled after them. Other animals were not as easy to find! I think you will find we found the best zoo animal craft collection around!

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Animal Crafts Any Animal Lover Will Enjoy Making

animal crafts for kids: with a toucan, polar bear, monkey, lion, and brown bear
I’m super excited about the brown bear craft!

1. Toucan Craft

This toucan craft is the perfect zoo craft for preschoolers. It’s simple, uses simple items like paint, paper plates, and tissue paper! Little hands should have an easy time making this Paper Plate Toucan. – I Heart Crafty Things

More toucan crafts for kids: Color our toucan coloring pages

2. Polar Bear Craft

Does your child love bears? Then this polar bear craft is for them! This Paper Plate Polar Bear is so simple to make and is fuzzy and soft! – Artsy Momma

More Polar Bear Crafts for Kids: Paper plate polar bear

3. Monkey Craft

Love keepsakes? Then you’ll love this monkey craft! You make a Footprint Monkey and decorate a tree using fingerprints! Keep it forever to remember how small your child was.- Fun Handprint Art

More Monkey Crafts for Kids: Kids can learn how to draw a monkey

4. Lion Paper Bag Puppet

Want more animal crafts for kids! Then this lion Paper Bag Puppet is perfect. The lion has a scraggly mane! How fierce!- Meaningful Mama

More lion Crafts for Kids: Make a paper plate lion, a lion paper craft or your own easy lion drawing

5. Grizzly Bear Craft

Grizzly Bear on a Stick is a super tasty chocolatey snack! All you need is a stick, snack cakes, Oreos, and candies!- Hungry Happenings

More Bear Crafts for Kids: Make a B is for bear craft or learn how to draw a bear

zoo activities for preschoolers with: a tiger, elephant, giraffe, penguins, and hippo
That hippo craft is so cute!

6. Penguin Paper Craft

I love toilet paper rolls crafts. Which is why this penguin paper craft is right up my alley. It makes a super cute penguin, but also recycles! – Crafts by Amanda

More penguin crafts for kids: Make a penguin paper craft, recycled penguin craft, your own easy penguin drawing or choose from these 13 penguin crafts

7. Giraffe Craft

How cool! Save all the toilet paper tubes so you can learn how to make a giraffe. This Cardboard Tube Giraffe is one of the cooler animal crafts I think! – Crafts by Amanda

More giraffe crafts for kids: Make a giraffe out of cardboard, create this cute giraffe craft, make a paper plate giraffe, check out this G is for giraffe craft, paint this adorable giraffe cup craft or learn how to draw a giraffe

8. Hippo Craft

Who doesn’t love hippos? This Paper Plate Hippo craft is the perfect animal crafts for toddlers! It uses simple items like paper plates, paper, and paint!- I Heart Crafty Things

More hippo crafts for kids: Try this H is for hippo craft

9. Tiger Craft

This tiger craft is the perfect animal craft for older kids like elementary students as it does involve a needle and thread. Or if you like this Craft Foam Tiger Pouch enough for small kids, they can decorate the felt while mom or dad does the sewing part!- Craft Ideas

More tiger crafts for kids: Make a T is for tiger craft, craft this cute popsicle stick tigers, paint a fun tiger cup craft or learn how to draw a tiger

10. Elephant Crafts

Look how precious this elephant crafts is! They’re so little and cute! This one may require some parent help as it does take some precise cuts to piece it together.- Mom Brite

More elephant crafts for kids: Try this E is for elephant craft or learn how to draw an elephant

zoo crafts for preschoolers with a gorilla, flamingo, kangaroo, walrus, and koala
The walrus craft is absolutely darling, I am excited to make that one.

11. Gorilla Craft Mask

I love this so much! Whether you’re promoting pretend play or dressing up this Paper Bag Gorilla Mask is absolutely adorable and so simple to make. – Wee Society

More gorilla crafts for kids: Make a gorilla mask or color our free gorilla coloring pages

12. Flamingo Craft

You could do this as a flamingo craft or a Flamingo Valentine, either way it’s adorable with its heart shaped body and look at all the feathers!- Craftulate

More flamingo crafts for kids: Make flamingo soap craft

13. Kangaroo Craft

Make your child’s homework desk extra fun with this Kangaroo Pencil Holder. This is a fun kangaroo craft that you can put to good use. – Mama Jenn

More kangaroo crafts for kids: Color our free kangaroo coloring pages

14. Walrus Craft

Grab your paint, glue, and paper plates for this Plate Walrus Craft! You don’t really see too many walrus crafts, but it is super cute and pretty simple when it comes to animal arts and crafts.- I Heart Crafty Things

15. Koala Craft

Promote pretend play with this Koala Mask! It has a big nose like koalas do and look at the fuzzy ears! – My Poppet

More koala crafts for kids: Color this K is for koala coloring page or print and color our free koala coloring pages

zoo animal crafts with otters, peacocks, panda, seals, and chameleons
These animal crafts are absolutely darling.

16. Otter Craft

Otter crafts are another one you don’t see too much of. But this Paper Otter Craft is adorable. Honestly, I think it would be fun to make a brown, blue, and pink one like that old show PB&J Otter. Anyone else remember?- Learn Create Love

17. Peacock Craft

This! This one right here is my favorite? Why? Look at all the feathers and sparkles! This peacock feather craft is super amazing.  – Artsy Craftsy Mom

More peacock crafts for kids: Color our peacock feather coloring page or our peacock coloring page

18. Panda Craft

We can’t forget about roly poly pandas! This panda craft is super cute and great if you have some extra construction paper lying around. If you’re looking for zoo activities for preschoolers then this Torn Paper Panda is perfect.- Cindy deRosier

More panda crafts for kids: Learn how to draw a panda or make your own panda paper craft

19. Seal Craft

You know those random white socks you can’t find a match to? Don’t throw them out use them to make these Sock Seal Pups. Don’t forget to add big googly eyes to them. This is the cutest seal craft ever! – Tippy Toe Crafts

20. Chameleon Craft

Have an abundance of pipe cleaners in your crafting closet? Use them to make pipe cleaner animals! This Pipe Cleaner Chameleon looks so real. – Martha Stewart

More chameleon crafts for kids: Color our free chameleon coloring pages

preschool animal crafts with a cheetah, camel, snakes, alligators, and zebra
Look at the camel craft! It’s so amazing and even has 2 humps.

21. Snake Crafts

Learning about snakes? Well, these animal crafts for kids can definitely help with that lesson. Use recycled cardboard tubes to make these brightly colored Cardboard Tube Coiled Snakes. – Crafts by Amanda

More snake crafts for kids: Learn how to draw a snake, make a paper snake craft, make a pipe cleaner and bead snake craft, try our S is for snake craft or paper plate snake

22. Alligator Craft

See ya later Alligator! Not really, we’re back with a Paper Alligator craft! I think this craft is best suited towards kindergarteners and up as it will require quite a bit of cutting. – Skip to My Lou

More alligator crafts for kids: Make our clothes pin alligator craft or download and print these friendly alligator coloring pages

22. Cheetah Paper Plate Craft

Cheetahs are super fast…and did you know they chirp? They do! Paper Plate Cheetah Mask is super cute. All you need is paint, paper plate, and craft sticks.- Learn Create Love

More cheetah crafts for kids: Color our cheetah coloring pages

23. Zebra Craft

Make a Zebra Footprint! No, not the actual footprint of a zebra, rather, you use your footprint to make a zebra! – Cindy deRosier

More zebra crafts for kids: Try our Z is for zebra craft

24. Camel Craft

Save your egg cartons so you can make this Egg Carton Camel. It is super easy and look, it has 2 humps on its back.- DLTK Kids

animal crafts for toddlers with foam cups, animal pretzels, vultures, and more
Vultures are my favorite birds!

25. More Animal Crafts For Kids

Looking for even more zoo animal inspiration?

More Animal Crafts From Kids Activities Blog

Which animal craft is your favorite? Let us know down below!

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