16 Best Bed Frames of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Pros: It’s super affordable and sturdy and will arrive quickly.
Cons: The headboard feels a little thin, the assembly instructions might not be totally accurate, and the overall design leans a lot more pared down.

Best for: Anyone looking for a simple bed in a child’s room or spare room that they won’t have to spend a lot of money on.

Warranty: 5 years | Sizes available: Twin, full, queen, king | Finishes available: Walnut

What to consider when buying a bed frame

There is a world of bed frames out there and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options. So before you hit “buy,” here are a few questions you should ask yourself.

What type of bed do you want?

We at Clever classify bed frames into four different categories: wood frames, upholstered frames, frames with storage, and platform frames. To identify which of these bed frames types best suits your lifestyle, think about both the aesthetic of your room and what you want out of a bed frame. If you want a frame with built in drawers to tuck things away, a storage bed is probably your move. If drawers aren’t an absolute necessity for you but you still want some space to put containers or boxes, get a platform bed. If you want a big statement headboard that makes a room feel cozy or more dramatic, an upholstered frame.

To headboard or not to headboard?

That is the question. The decision to buy (or make!) a headboard often comes down to two main factors: personal style and space. Having a headboard can help fill some empty space and it can also offer additional support when you’re sitting up in bed. However in other cases and in some rooms, it can feel overwhelming. Opt for no headboard if you want something super minimal (or even monastic) that allows you to have real estate for a few other things in your room. If you like that cozy, full feeling and want a headboard to fill negative space, then get a frame that has one.

Do you want a wooden or upholstered bed frame?

The answer to that comes down to your style and the decor in your room. An upholstered bed frame can help soften a space, adds an interesting textural element, and looks quite luxe. A wood frame on the other hand is more classic and structured. Either material pairs well with most decor styles, it just comes down to the space you have and what you think would compliment your room better.

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