15 Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors Options | Dyson, Tineco, Shark, and more

John Milligan, R&D product development manager at N-Hance Wood Refinishing in Logan, Utah, says it’s also important to understand which type of vacuum to use and when. “Robotic vacuums are for daily cleaning, so you’ll likely want to do your research and invest in one that is capable of learning your floor plan and covering the entire main floor throughout the day,” he says.

For heavier cleaning, John recommends stick vacuums above all. Specifically he points to models that work on hardwood and carpet, and that are padded in some way—“so that it glides over your flooring without risk of scratches.” In addition, he suggests looking at very flexible vacuums with attachments that can fit into every area.

Tips for cleaning hardwood floors and keeping them looking new

We all know that hardwood floors can be a serious investment and you should be cleaning them on a regular basis. Though Paul says the average is weekly, he recommends daily cleaning depending on your floor’s usage.

In terms of cleaning solutions for hardwoods, Diana offers the following advice: “You can keep your floors clean by mixing equal parts vinegar and water and using this as a solution for cleaning your floors–just don’t saturate your floors because they will buckle,” she says. “There is a product called Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner that you can find at your local store, and it’s a good product to keep your hardwood floors looking great.”

Amanda Oninski, interior designer at Floor 360 in Madison, Wisconsin, also recommends Bona. Otherwise, she suggests using a spray bottle containing a cleaning solution. “Spray lightly on a dust mop and mop back and forth lengthwise along floorboards,” Amanda advises. However, Amanda warns against using wax, oil-based soap, or household cleaners. “Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you have them; if you know the brand of hardwood, you can find it online or contact your local flooring showroom.”

With proper care, your hardwood floors can last a long time. John admits that over time, dust, dings, scratches, and general wear and tear can make them look dull. “But don’t stress too much, though, as it’s a dulling of the clear coat, and buffing or refinishing of hardwood floors can easily bring the life back,” he says. “That’s the amazing thing about hardwood floors: They can be restained, buffed, refinished from glossy to matte, you name it.”

Preventative care for your hardwood floors

To keep your beautiful bare floors looking good, Amanda recommends the following:

  • Avoid exposing floors to direct sunlight or bright lights—window coverings are your friend.
  • Install felt runners under furniture and chair legs to avoid scratches.
  • Wipe up spills immediately. Place rugs in areas where liquids may spill or accumulate and cause damage, and prioritize quick cleanups.
  • When moving furniture, lift to avoid scratching on the floor.
  • Don’t oversaturate with water when cleaning.

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