13 Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Upgrade Your Cookspace

If you could only renovate one room in your home you’d pick the kitchen, right? That’s what we’d choose. A kitchen remodel can transform an entire abode in a way that no other update can. Since we spend the most time in the kitchen, fresh finishes feel like a new lease on life. (And we’re only exaggerating a little.)

But it isn’t just the newness that makes a kitchen remodel so rejuvenating—it’s all the little details that you can cater to your own tastes and preferences. Whether you’re doing a gut renovation or just swapping out your cabinet doors, you have the ability to pick exactly what you want. To help you figure out what that dream looks like, we gathered our 13 best kitchen remodel ideas that will take your cookspace to the next level.

What are the most popular styles for a kitchen remodel?

These days, contemporary, farmhouse, and midcentury modern are the most popular kitchen design styles for a remodel. All three aesthetics bring warmth and sophistication to a home in their own ways. Colorwise, white kitchens will always be on-trend—making them timeless. Green kitchens are in vogue at the moment too.

How much does a typical kitchen renovation cost?

The cost of a kitchen renovation depends on the size of the kitchen, as well as where in the country it’s located. The types of materials you choose to use will also affect the total cost of the project. Typically, a mid-range 200-square-foot kitchen remodel costs between $35,000 and $75,000. Luxury kitchen renovations can cost $145,000 or more.

How do I complete a kitchen makeover on a budget?

One of the most expensive parts of a kitchen renovation is the labor, so you can save money by doing DIY projects. Maintaining your floor plan (so all your plumbing and electrical stay in place) will also help you keep a tight budget. And when it comes to materials, there are lots of affordable but beautiful options, like butcher block, laminate, and quartz countertops. Simple subway tile backsplashes and shaker cabinets from the hardware store won’t break the bank, either.

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